Tuesday 22 November 2011


Poppy Puzzler and Santa's Secret

by Susanna Jennicrai; Illustrated by Alison Lambert
An imaginary adventure tale with important concepts, for children. Enjoyable, attractive and educational, this book can be enjoyed and treasured. Poppy Puzzler was curious about everything and loved asking questions. She asked a very special one, speaking the words out loud, then she drew a character from her imagination. He became alive! They became friends and travelled to an imaginary land where all the answers could be found.
Lots of characters are introduced and adventures begin as they search for the answers to her questions. Eventually, they are discovered and the ending of the story end with another question to think about.
This story is suitable for boys or girls, especially, the infant, or lower junior age range. (6 to 8 years)
A perfect gift for a special occasion in any child's life.
Educational. Fun, Attractive. Colourful. Imaginative. Innocuous.

This is a Christmassy book about Poppy ending up visiting Santa. Again I would say suitable for younger children to have read to them and to read with parents at home too.Then perhaps slightly older children could actually take the book further and act it out as a play as an alternative nativity, as schools these days don't seem to go down the traditional nativity route.
I would think this would definitely hold the children's attention with all the questions in it. with the funny character's The Question's family. Why Question is the little character drawn by Poppy that comes to life and takes her on a fantastic journey. Poppy gets to meet Why's family, his brother's who are triplets called Would, Could and Should Question, and his twin sister's Will and Shall Question.
It's a fun imaginary tale that I think that young children will love. I mean all young one's like stories at Christmas about Santa and his reindeer's don't they?

Again this book is available here from Susanna Jennicrai's own website www.susannajennicrai.co.uk the books are around £6 but Susanna offer's discount for ordering more than one book.

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