Wednesday 23 November 2011


I think music is critical to anything. It really helps set the tone and it’s something that everyone can relate to. I’ve compiled a playlist that I listened to while I was writing The Chosen and the music has to deal with the tone of a scene or I used it as a theme song of sorts for a character, a relationship, or how they might be feeling at a given time. And I think there might be a song or two that relates to something that happens in a future book, but I really enjoyed it and it helped me reach the end. This is part one of my playlist. 

  1. How Far We’ve Come — Matchbox Twenty
  2. Whataya Want From Me — Adam Lambert
  3. The Lucky Ones — Brendon James
  4. Use Somebody — Kings of Leon
  5. Kings and Queens — 30 Seconds To Mars
  6. So Close — Jon McLaughlin
  7. The Ballad of You and I — Melee
  8. Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes
  9. Mockingbird — Rob Thomas

Part two will be posted The Wormhole, later on during my tour. Hope you enjoy!

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