Thursday 24 November 2011


BLURB from Goodreads
Em sits at her desk, her hands soaked in blood. No wounds, no pain, and no idea where the blood came from. The reds and greens swirling across her computer screen scream jungle battle. She’s certain she was there. Fighting through the jungle to stop a battle, storming into a courtroom to save the accused, facing a firing squad of armed ruffians… Are her “three wishes” coming true? And, Yves? He is there to arm her with special powers, to send her into battle, to watch over her. His first assignment as a supreme power is to clean up the mess on Earth without going down there himself. Meeting his superior’s expectations is a huge challenge. Falling in love with Em threatens to ruin everything.
Wow What a different concept! I looked at the cover and expected a space travel or otherworlds novel, but it is not what I expected at all. Having said that I did enjoy it and when you read the book the cover does make sense later in the book.Initially I found it difficult to follow where the book swapped from the Guardian's point of view and then to Em's point of view. I think it is well written and you do feel Em's confusion at what is happening to her, how she is getting from place to place and who is the owner of the persuasive calm voice that speaks to her inside her own head? The book does deal with some serious situations and political issues. Em ends up dropped into some crazy and dangerous situations which she manages to diffuse and turn around for the better. I really liked the character of Em and would like to learn even more of the "normal" part of her life too. I thought the relationship between the characters of Em and Ron is great too. Ron is a complex character that has been through a lot in his life and perhaps thought his time of happiness had gone until he met Em. I won't give away how it ends as I hate it when people give away spoilers! But... I thought the ending was quite sad. I think how it ended their could be a book 2 possibly.

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