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Paperback, $13.95
ISBN: 9781-936909-40-7
eBook, $5
ISBN: 978-1-936909-42-1
YA fantasy fiction, 288 pages
Published by Live Oak Book Group
Releases June 5, 2012

Synopsis from Author

Book One of The Never Chronicles

Exiled is a fantasy novel written for young adults about a boy (15) who is wrongfully accused of murdering his mentor and banished to The Never, a place from which there is no chance of escape. James must first learn to survive in this inhospitable environment before finding a way to return home, where he believes he must be the one to save his kind from destroying themselves.

Full of sorcery, treachery, tragedy, adventure and excitement, Exiled is book one of The Never Chronicles, which in full, completes the story of James, The Never and the feared Epoch Terminus – the rapidly approaching date marking the end of his world.

Every other chapter follows James in The Never, while, in “Lost”-like fashion, the alternating chapters provide back-story. The story lines eventually come crashing together in dramatic fashion, tying sub-plots together and providing the reader a “wow” moment.

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