Friday 29 June 2012


So now that you have read the blurb of the book and my review of the book, you are probably a little curious about the man that actually undertook this mammoth task?
In this post I will try and tell you a little more about Michael and add some photos of his journey too.

So who is Michael Wigge? and where is he from?
Michael is from Berlin Germany. Michael is a journalist, comedian, documentarian, and world traveller. 

A little more about Michael Wigge?
Michael Wigge first started as an anchor on the German VIVA-program London Calling. Since then, the world has been his newsroom. Michael has gone from living with the native Yanomami Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest to fighting Sumo Wrestlers in Japan.

So where is Michael Wigge living now?
Michael currently lives in Berlin,Germany but still prefers to be travelling.

When did he undertake this journey?
Michael zigzagged across four continents, and 11 countries in just 150 days, without any money in his pockets or wallet! I will say after reading the book that Michael is extremely resourceful and come up with ..wacky ways to earn money for his journey.

So what did he do to earn money?
Michael's main ideas were 1. Avoid regular work and focus on unusual services in exchange for accommodation, travel, and food. 2. Engage people, Michael did take part in physical labour and was not afraid of hard work, as long as it was out of the ordinary in some way. 3. Michael was also highly aware that   people enjoy being let in on an ambitious plan, and therefore will contribute to help make the plan happen.

So if you would like to learn even more about Michael's journey at

(Book and Information sheets provided by Megan at PRbythebook. The images are from google images.)

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