Sunday 11 September 2011


Who doesn't want to save money in this economic climate, but sometimes it’s just too difficult and overwhelming. Kelly Hancock is a popular blogger and media personality.Kelly has done the hard work for those who want to save big! Kelly's saving secrets will help readers cut their
spending in half — even before they clip the first coupon.
Kelly was a successful business professional who abruptly changed her mind to stay home after the birth of her first child. But it didn’t make financial sense on paper. Kelly figured out a way to cut her family’s overall spending substantially and their grocery budget by 80%. They not only discovered how to make ends meet, they were able to give more generously to others. She reassures listeners that God will faithfully provide for those who seek to honour.

I found this book had some great ideas,but it was very Americanised and certain things did not transfer over well. Things like the "rain check" if an offer is out of stock you go to customer service and they give you a rain check (slip of paper) that allows you the offer when they are back in stock. Over in the UK we have Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, and he gives very similar excellent saving advice on grocery offers to where to buy your car insurance from! 

Also I would like to point out that this book had a lot of religious references in too. At time i just wanted Kelly to get on with the tips! The freezer tips were good if you have the room and money for a large freezer. So on the whole it does have good tips that transfer to the UK but is more US orientated.

Available from, £9.50 paperback

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