Saturday 24 September 2011


......."What does red mean?" I ask.
He looks at me startled. We've been silent for a while, both lost in thought."What?"
"Blue is for supplies. Yellow is when there's been a delay. So what does red mean?"
For a moment I see fear flashing in Hunter's eyes, and suddenly I am cold again.
"Red means run," he says.

..... Madeleine sobbed into her pillow. Deep heavy sobs that rose from the caverns of her soul. Her whole body shook with each new wave of tears.
"Madeleine?" It was Anthony's voice, barely audible in the darkness of the small room.
She froze.
"Madeleine?" he asked again.
She sat up on the edge of the bed.Moonlight danced on her glossy hair, shimmered on the black satin of her nightgown, and illuminated her skin.
"What are you doing here?" Her words were loud in surprise........

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