Friday 23 September 2011


At the end of Birthmarked we left Gaia striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister, a meagre handful of supplies, and an old vague rumor to guide her. The sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone survives the wasteland only to be captured by the people of Sylum. Sylum is a dystopian society where women rule the men. Even though the men  drastically outnumber the women, and a kiss is a crime, and can be called attempted rape.  In order to see her sister Maya, Gaia has to submit to Sylum's strict social codes and laws, but how can she deny her own sense of justice, her own curiosity, and everything in her heart that makes her whole and the person she is. 

I was initially disappointed in this book as I expected to learn more of Gaia's arduous journey through the wasteland but the book started as she was captured/rescued by a male from Sylum. Gaia has initially to give in and go against her beliefs to fit in with the ruler of Sylum, however as time goes on incidents happen where Gaia is unable to conform and goes against the rules to do what she believes in. Unfortunately for Gaia she has to face many unpleasant consequences for her well meant actions.
Gaia learns more of her heritage, and follows on with research her grandmother had started whilst she was the ruler of Sylum years before. Sylum really is a strange place, the rules, the people, its difficult to explain. Gaia has many choices to make even romantic ones, ones she never thought she would ever have to make because of her burnt scarred face. Just a sneaky teaser for you here You will have heard of a love triangle, how about a love square? lol
I had many favourite characters in this book of course Gaia and Leon, then I loved the caring natures of Will and Peter, the Chardo brothers. I loved the stubborn courage of the libbies (NO SPOILERS SORRY YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THE BOOK) I loved the cameraderie of Josephine and Dinah and the fact they quickly accepted Gaia for who she truly was. I even enjoyed the blinkeredness of the cuzines so set in their old ways.
The book ends in such a way as to set the scene for a book I will be impatiently waiting lol
So to some up  Go and Pre-order the book! you won't regret it. Obviuoslt if you haven't read it read Birthmarked first. I really did love this well written descriptive book two in the series by Caragh M O'Brien.
Also have to just quickly add I love this style of cover! So much better than the other style out.

Available 8th November (a pre-Christmas treat!), £4.12 paperback £8.27 hardback £5.24 paperback

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