Sunday 11 September 2011


Sleep disorders affect a frighteningly large percentage of the population, and many people who have problems sleeping simply learn to live with their affliction. But at what cost? Sleep disorders can affect all aspects of your life, from school and work to personal relationships to mental health. Because of the many different types of sleep disorders and the equally numerous treatment methods for it, there is no quick fix for all sufferers.
Master Your Sleep is for those who are looking for answers. Dr. Tracey Marks explains how and why we sleep and delves into the many types and potential causes of sleep disruption. Master Your Sleep will help readers understand their sleep patterns and provides an extremely in depth exploration of potential treatments, from herbal and prescription medications to a variety of therapies. From the simple to the complex, Dr. Marks explains the potential risks and benefits found in all treatment methods.
Master Your Sleep is a valuable addition to the libraries of those who suffer from sleep disorders and family members of sufferers. Stop ''living with'' and "putting up with" your sleep disorder and take action to end it now!

This book is really informative from telling you and explaining to you what causes your sleep problems to loads of practical suggestions and things to do to help solve your sleep problems. There are plenty of non medication routes to go down using this book to put yourself back in control! Its all explained in detail. All the procedures that you can try to, for example relax your muscles are gone through step by step. The tells you how to make your room more comfortable, so it encourages you to sleep. It discusses many techniques of how to retrain yourself, your mind and your body back into a bedtime routine that will have you awakening the following morning totally refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Obviously a few of the things are fairly common sense, like keeping the room dark. On the other hand how many of us lie in bed watching a film on tv then wonder why we can't get to sleep straight after it? Or how many of us listen to the radio, only to find the music keeping us awake instead of relaxing us into sleep? This book will help you find the reasons you are not sleeping by keeping a sleep diary and then it will take you through the options of how to help you sleep better, and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Available at, £8.15 paperback and £7.15 on kindle.

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