Sunday 25 September 2011


This book is the second in the series of the Sid Chance Series of books.
Private Investigator Sid Chance finds he is on a really tough assignment, it involves Medicare Fraud,drug trafficking, a hired killer and a crooked cop too. PI Sid Chance has to prove that a young man is innocent and this young man has has just come out of prison (for a murder he committed at the age of twelve!). So can Sid prove this young man has not committed another homicide. However things are all thrown upside down when Jaz LeMieux (she is the wealthy cop working on the case with Sid) finds that she is being accused of a despicable crime. there is also plenty of damning evidence against her.
All hell breaks loose when a hitman comes after Sid.

I hadn't read book one of the series but it didn't really matter, and it certainly didn't spoil my enjoyment of this book. Its a well written book full of action and suspense. I really liked how the chapters are organised as i hate to stop reading half way through a chapter. the Chapters in this book were kept to a reasonable size for you to decide to stop reading to just read to the end of the nearest Chapter. I felt like i flew through the book it was so good. I had never read any books by this author previously but would certainly keep my eyes open for this author in the future. I will also be recommending this author to family and friends....What's the name of books 3? I will seriously be looking around the shops for it! I think the cover design fit the book really well too. I would say this book was probably more male orientated but it would still be suitable for women to read.

After speaking to my dad about this book he reviewed for me that Chester provided as a paperback for this purpose I will definitely be holding onto it and reading it myself when I have chance.

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