Sunday 11 September 2011


This book is one woman's story of overcoming, as it unfolds, so do the pages of the Underground Railroad. North Carolina's Lumbee Indian heritage is also explored and finally examined when a written document is handed to the rightful heir. But not before Exilee Sheffield learns through real life experiences that fate sometimes rides a hot horse.
Black Purse is comparable to The Shack for message. To The Doctor’s Wife for understanding how the past, seemingly in the past, is triggered to consume sanity.

First of all the cover didn't exactly draw me in or spark my interest, but my daughter had asked me to review the book and there's that saying "don't judges a book by its cover" so I decided to give it a go. On the whole I did enjoy the book......eventually, what I want to point out is that though it is quite slow in places the book is well worth persevering with and reading to the end. I loved the book so much that at the end I was thinking when is book two available? I also really liked the characters of Jake and Ken, they were very well written.

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  1. Thank you for your gracious and honest review. 'Black Purse' evokes a wide variance of responses. Reviewed as an 'Alfred Hitchcock' - never see it coming! Reviewed as not enough romance and too little romance, like it was written for Goldilocks.
    And you, my lady, got the nail on the head with the ending bringing all the foreshadowing into play. You'll be excited to know that 'Black Purse' is now in all NC's State capital libraries.
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