Saturday 3 September 2011


This is a happy little tale about a blue dog, who one day decides that the town he lives in is too dull and grey.
So the blue dog who is called Dusty goes and wakes up his friend, another dog called Donny. At first Donny doesn't want to wake up but eventually dusty gets him to wake up and go with him to get some blue paint. they then proceed to paint the town blue. They have fun doing it and end up laughing and rolling about in the paint. They roll about in the paint so much that Donny ends up blue just like Dusty. It is the first time that Dusty has seen his friend Donny laugh and soon all the other dogs are rolling in the blue paint and are laughing and happy just like Dusty!

This was a beautifully illustrated book for young children. I could imagine reading this to a very young child as a bed time story. it is written in a simple way for children to understand and is overall a cute , jolly little book, ideal for little ones.

Available, £5.99 and (no price as yet)

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