Wednesday 21 November 2012


Sisterly love
Some of my all time favourite characters in literature, and movies, are sisters. For instance, the March sisters in the beautifully written tale of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott always brings me to tears - whether I'm reading it or watching it, I just love the character of Josephine March and the trials and tribulations she goes through in her young life.
The Bennet sisters are another group of siblings I love to read about it (and watch - I loved the BBC version, it was wonderful). Elizabeth, Jane and their troublesome younger sisters are what makes Pride and Prejudice so entertaining (and the gorgeous Mr Darcy, of course).
Oh and I mustn't forget Cinderella, my all time favourite fairytale, and her wicked stepsisters. I love watching how modern day film-makers interpret that nasty pair!
Speaking of the modern day, there is now a brand new pair in town. The Morgan sisters couldn't be more different, in looks and in personalities. Ok, so I admit, they are adopted sisters but that doesn't make any difference. These two have a very special bond and it's about to get even stronger...

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