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Publisher: Self / Indie
Pages: 28
Formats Available: E-book

BLURB from Goodreads
Two centuries before the great Immortal Battle, a radical clan of witches united with one of the most powerful Druidic families. Under attack from the evil Kiana and her minions, they conspired to prevent the extinction of their ancient magical bloodlines.

Little did they know the magic forged during that All Hallows Eve would not only secure the continuation of their lineage, but would in fact create a new being, a new magic, that could someday save the entire world.

This is the second companion novella in the Dark Gifts Series. I purchased it from as I had read both Bk#1, Bk#2, and the first companion novella "Afterlife" and naturally wanted to know more about the witches part and how they became tangled up in the supernatural war.
I think the cover is very "witchy"enchanted looking, and as it has the trees it represents the places described in the novella well.
Like all the other books in this series, this novella captivates you very quickly, even more so than the first novella. The bloodstone Oracle has been mentioned in "Inheritance" so of course you immediately want to know more. This novella tells the story of Michael meeting the witches from the witches point of view and then goes on to tell us about how the witches continue their journey.
As in all her books, the descriptions are detailed but not overly so that you get bored and wish to skip paragraphs. The imagery conjured by the descriptions is easily found and instantly attainable. I love how each book/novella kind of back tracks and has a part in it from another book but it is given to the reader from a different characters point of view. You get to see all sides of the forthcoming battle and learn the reasons why certain races, and people are entangled in the fight.
So did I enjoy this novella? Yes, definitely worth the price I paid too. Would I read more in this series / by Willow Cross? Yes I intend as I am (Im)patiently waiting fro Bk#3 in the Dark Gifts Series by Willow Cross as I am almost equally (im)patient for  Bk#3 in the Oceans Of Red series by Willow Cross. Would I recommend this book? Yes I recommend both the Dark Gift's Series and the Ocean's Of Red Series too.

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