Tuesday 6 November 2012


ISBN/ASIN: B0087778X0
Publisher: Amazon Media
Pages: 241KB
Format's Available: Kindle, E-book

BLURB from Goodreads
Master vampire Devereux has it all: immortality, good looks, intelligence, money, a body to die for, and a constant stream of available women. Sounds like an ideal existence. So, what’s the problem? He’s listless. Bored. Unhappy. After 800 years, coming up with reasons to rise for another meaningless night can be a challenge, and he’s starting to question his choices. Worried, two of Devereux’s old friends concoct a creative plan to energize and encourage him to rejoin the land of the un-living. They don’t want their friend to seek true death, so they’re willing to do whatever is necessary. What could go wrong?

Note from Author: This 17,000+ word story takes place before the events in The Vampire Shrink (Book #1, Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series). Although the story is a prequel, I recommend you read The Vampire Shrink first.

I purchased this novella from Amazon.co.uk. I had already read the Vampire shrink and Blood Therapy too prior to reading this novella.
So the cover depicts what the rather gorgeous Devereux may look like, hmmm, not totally how I had imagined him but still rather ....nice!
This novella takes place as the name states , "The night before Devereux meets Kismet" for the first time.
Devereux's friend of many decades have noticed that he does not seem to be his happy womanising self and so decide to set him up on some "blind dates". they set them up to resemble the Christmas tale of Scrooge. First Devereux must date someone he knows from his past, then he dates someone from his present and finally he gets to date someone whom he hasn't yet met. Devereux is such a smooth operator type that you would think he would love everyone of his three dates, but he doesn't really.
When Devereux returns to his club he speaks to one of the "goth" girls who frequents his club, whose parents don't approve and are sending her to see a psychologist. Devereux being the "perfect" host asks how her first meeting went. He is so intrigued he want to see this psychologist who is named Kismet Knight for himself. So fate has stepped in.....he is to meet Kismet Knight the following evening....
So did I enjoy the book? Yes I enjoyed this little novella. Would I recommend this novella? Yes but I do agree with what the author Lynda says that you should read The Vampire Shrink first, even though this novella happens prior to that. Will I read more of this series? Yes definitely. Would I read more by Lynda Hilburn? Yes.

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