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ISBN: 9781620610169
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Pages: 400
Formats Available:
Release Date: 2nd October 2012

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When a Six saved Kale's life the night of Sumrun, she warned there would be consequences. A trade-off. Something taken for the life they gained. But Dez never imagined she'd lose the one thing she'd give anything to keep... And as if it's not enough Dez finds her immunity to Kale fading, the Six brought in to help Kale learn to control his killer touch starts drooling on him the moment they meet. Worse than that? Jade can touch Kale. But bimbo Barbie is the least of Dez's problems.

After Dez and Kale got away at Sumrun, her father lost not only his most powerful weapon but an important piece of the Supremacy project. Forced by Denazen to remedy the situation, he poisons Dez and offers her a choice--surrender to Denazen for the cure...or die. Determined to find a solution that doesn't involve being bagged and tagged--or losing someone she loves--Dez keeps the poison a secret. But when a rash of Denazen attacks hit a little too close to home, Dez is convinced there's a traitor among them. Jade.

Sacrifices, broken promises, and secrets. Dez will have to lay it all on the line if there's any hope of proving Jade's guilt before they all end up Residents of Denazen. Or worse, dead....

I received a pdf arc of this book, in exchange for my honest opinion and review from Entangled Teen. This is the second book in the Denazen series, though there is a 1.5 novella called Untouched that can be read in between Bk#1 and Bk#2.
The cover on this book continues in the same colours and hues of the other two books in a brownish colour. The character on the front of the book I would say is Dez. I like the character of Dez as she is quite a strong female. After reading Bk#1 and Bk#1.5 I was really looking forward to reading Bk#2 and I have to readily admit it did not disappoint! 
The story literally picks straight up where the last book left you, with the dilemma that a day may be approaching very soon that Deznee will be unable to touch Kale without his freaky power killing her too. The book begins with Dez feeling pain from Kale's touch and obviously trying her best to hide this fact from him. Kale is not as detached from emotions and the tell tale signs as Dez thinks, and guesses. As with the other books Dez gets up to stuff she shouldn't and into scrapes she shouldn't, which ends in her being touched by a poison and guess who the only person with the cure is? .....that's right Deznee's dad, the last person she would ever wish to turn to for help. It's not just admitting she may need his help it is the scary thoughts of what or who he will want in exchange for the cure!
We have new characters introduced in this book such as Jade, the one who is to work closely with Kale to try and teach him control. There are also the characters from the other books in it too. We learn more about Kiernan as she becomes closer friends with Dez. Alex is still around, still besotted with Dez yet rejected by her. Brandt also still features in this book, within the body he now possess. Brandt comes to Dez within her dreams to try and help her work out different problems, though sometimes his cryptic clues lead Dez into more confusion.
I really like the naive character of Kale. The way he see's everything as so simplistic and black and white. There seems to be no middle ground in his mind just good and bad. His character reminds me of the main character called Martyr/3;3 from Replication by Jill Williamson. So if you like Kale and this book I reckon you should give Replication by Jill Williamson a go too.
We also find in this book that there is a traitor among the sixes, but who is it? Will the traitor be found before they commit the ultimate betrayal? The book once again ends by leaving you desperately wanting to know much much more!
The book is well written, and you fall straight back into the book and plot almost immediately. It has a fair share of twists and turns, plenty of action and adventure
So did I enjoy this book? Yes, definitely. Did it make me want to read more of the Denazen Series? YES. Bk#3 Tremble is going straight on my wishlist now! Would I read other books by Jus Accardo?Yes Would I recommend this book? Yes.

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