Thursday 1 November 2012


BLURB from Goodreads
A girl with a second chance. A boy with a terrible secret. When the truth is revealed, Lauren's world comes crashing down.

For once, seventeen year old lauren's life is going right. She's attending the college of her dreams, has what appears to be the perfect boyfriend, and is surrounded by her childhood friends. 

But her boyfriend, Tristan, grows more possessive by the day, and his temper is getting harder to keep in check. When lauren realizes Tristan is using her for her power, she has to make a choice: Tristan or her world.


I suppose I am kind of biased as I love all Julia Crane's book covers so far.
This on is so pretty, delicate and ethereal looking. I like the grey shade as it reminds me of an black & white photograph effect. I would go so far as to say this cover is "beautiful". I also really like the shade of blue/green of the title too, it adds to the delicate nature of the book.
The character on the cover looks sad, or ashamed, or as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. The girls position suggests a vulnerability. There is also an air of mystery with the smoky effect around the girl on the cover. The only thing missing from the cover is a reference to the fact that this book is actually a spin off from Keegan's Cronicles, which the cover in it's present version does not tell the reader.
I would pick this book from a book store shelf, to read the blurb on the strength of the cover alone. I usually love Julia Crane books too, so I would definitely be picking this one up to learn more about it. I have added it to my wishlist already.



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