Sunday 11 November 2012


#1. How the main characters in Haven 6 are related to the characters throughout the series.

I pondered how I was going to tie in Haven 6 and the rest of the series for a very long time. What I wanted to show was humanity surviving throughout the centuries. So, James Wilfred in A Hero Rising (the prequel) is the great great great grandfather of Striker in Paradise 21, and he’s the great great great grandfather of Striver, the main character in Haven 6.
This lineage shows the progression from Old Earth, to the colony ships, to inhabiting the planets; the complete journey! In a way, it’s very melancholy because the previous characters are long gone, but in another way, it’s hopeful, because their descendants live on in their name, even sporting some of their character traits. Life goes on, and it’s a big cycle in which a hero sometimes needs to rise.
Striver is a very special character for me, because he has a lot of James and Striker in him. It’s like those characters combined to make someone who’s honest, hard-working, noble, and forgiving to a fault-much more forgiving than Striker ever was. He’s evolved from his ancestors, and from his situation, using the past to make sure their future is better then the one they left behind.
Read more about Striver in Haven 6!


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