Saturday 17 November 2012


Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages: 44
Formats Available: E-book

Warning: 18+

BLURB from Goodreads
Nikki is a cougar shifter living in a werewolf world. When she's promised as a mate to a wolf shifter named Merrick, the fur flies. This short story is a free title, offered by New York Times bestselling author, Anya Bast. Fury is part one of a two part series. Tranquility is the sequel.
(These titles are highly erotic and meant for those 18 years or older.)

Again I downloaded this one Free from Amazon. I should start by saying that I only read the words "shifter" "cougar" "Werewolf" "mate" and totally missed the "highly erotic" words. I readily admit that I usually avoid erotica as I like a "story" to my books not just steamy scenes. Having said that sure this one is erotica, there's no other way to describe it but, and it's quite a large but this book does have a story to it too. I love shifter books and the whole "true one mate" principal in books.
So the story is that Nikki shifts into a cougar when she shifts. She has lead a very solitary life and only came into her "shifts" later in life rather than at puberty like most shifter's. So when Nikki find the place called Fury that is home to many shifter's, she finally feels at home amongst her own kind. 
Then the elders speak and declare her the alpha female, which means she will be the mate of the alpha male. Nikki must choose between the Nathy brothers, Merrick and Roane. Merrick is a large impressive white wolf, and Roane an equally impressive black wolf.
Nikkie and Merrick have always felt drawn to each other. Nikki does not wish to be Alpha nor choose a mate form the Nathy brothers so she attempts escape. She is cornered by the brothers, Roane walks away leaving the way clear for her and Merrick to become mates. the problem is Nikki doesn't like being told what to do, a tussle ensues but she escapes. Merrick however is not a man nor wolf to take no for an answer, so of course he follows Nikki in order to keep an eye on her and protect her. He plans to wait for her to come around to the idea in her own time, but can he really stand by so close to her yet not be with her?
Roane is kidnapped which of course means that Nikki and Merrick are forced to return to Fury. Do they rescue Roane? Is he already dead? Who and how was he taken? There's a traitor in the pack who is it?
Then Nikki has to go through the ancient tradition of the naming ceremony. The tradition allows any female in the pack to challenge her to a fight. Sure that may sound fair until you remember its Nikki/Cougar against a large famale/wolf! Nikki could die! Will she be contested? Who will fight her? Who will win? You need to buy the book guys....
So did I enjoy this book? Oh, YES! Would I recommend? Yes BUT Being a responsible mother and blogger only to over 18's please. Will I read more of this series? Yes even though I "don't read erotica" there is plenty of plot in these books to make them worth reading to me and my taste in books. Would I read more by Anya Bast? Defiinitely!

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