Tuesday 4 October 2011


Maya thought back to what she had been told at the clinic. "They said it was no big deal. The thing inside of me was just a blob of nothing, just some tissue." She paused and drew imaginary circles on her sheet with her index finger. Were the people at the clinic being truthful with her? How many weeks was she? How could it be possible? It had only happened once, and she....they hadn't meant to do "it" at all....they hadn't been themselves really..that night...It was those stupid boys fault who had supplied the strange Candy.
Maya Rockwell is sixteen and considered a good, sensible girl. Alex was her boyfriend and they both felt the same there was no need to rush things at all, they were both happy to wait until they were older to do "it". Maya didn't have and didn't want a bad reputation, not like the reputation of Sammy who it was rumoured had already had one abortion. Sammy had really taken some serious hassle over that. So when Maya finally realises she is pregnant she thinks she will take care of it all herself, quietly and efficiently. Maya is determined what her choice should be and what she needs to do, that is until in one moment...one horribly terrifying moment she see's things she wasn't meant to and she can no longer pretend that she is ignorant to the realities of her situation and the realities of the procedure she is seriously thinking of undergoing. 
After what she has seen, will Maya make the right decision for herself and her unborn child? Will Maya take a stand after seeing what has happened to her newly made friend? Can Maya also go on to brave the heat of negativity publicity and see justice done for that friend ? The friend whom Maya learns has gone through a living hell of torment and continuing abuse.
This book tackles some extremely important issues within it. It has Child Abuse, Abortion, Teenage Pregnancy, and Illegal Drugs and the usage of drugs, as well as the dangers of pregnancy that these days seem to be quite forgotten. I found the information about fetus sizes etc truthful and the book made you wonder if there are some of these shady clinics still in action in the present day! The book has Maya's parents arguing about such abortion clinics. I think it is a very hot topic, that would and could arguments in families even today within real lives. Maya's father agrees with the idea of choice and abortion whereas Maya's mother Michelle, who works in a Neo Natal Unit so she actually has seen the reality of what size a 15 or 20 week gestation fetus really looks like. In real life I think there will always be heated debates on the cut off point for abortion and in some cases even up to the point of should abortion exist. This book handles the subject very well from a pro-abortion point of view for certain cases and for the against abortion, and do you know/realise the truth about abortion point of view too.
The book also shows how school friendships change, people whom you thought were friends that abandon you at the first sign of controversy. it depicts the bitchiness that goes on in today's schools, so comes across realistic. The book see's Maya make friends with a girl she presumes to be in a situation similar to her own, but whose situation is much worse than she could ever have guessed. Maya and Andrea become firm friends and confidants to a point. Maya also befriends Andrea's little sister Anna and is there for Anna later in the story when she most needs it. The book shows the sisterly love between Mallory and Maya that can easily turn to jealousy, though the jealousy is only brief and the sister bond and relationship is strong when Mallory goes to "sort out" those who bully her sister. I am being careful and possibly cryptic in how I am describing things as I do not wish to give away the main parts of the plot and story. I enjoyed the sweet relationship between Maya and Alex, all the good times and then their misunderstandings. In fact the whole story is based around one of their largest misunderstanding where Maya takes something Alex has said as an off hand almost jesting comment to her heart and decides not to reveal the turmoil she is going through to him. Maya tries to make all the hard decisions herself. Maya almost makes what would be the biggest most regretted decision she could ever make but she accidentally see's a procedure she shouldn't at a clinic and that's all she needs to turn around and leave the clinic and face her family and everyone else with her decision. Maya also helps Anna by telling secrets she learned from Andrea so she in turn protects Anna from the same fate as Andrea.
I love the cover of the book too, when you have read the book you feel it just fits!

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