Sunday 9 October 2011


As I like to read factual books too this one caught my eye as it is also quite relevant as I do suffer with migraines, so here is the blurb adapted from goodreads.
"Tracking Your Headache & Migraine Triggers" will help you to learn what causes or contributes to your headaches. Within 20 pages you get descriptions of the most common headache and migraine triggers with ideas for coping with or avoiding each one. At the end of the book is a printable tracking sheet that you can use to track everything that might be a trigger for your headaches.
It seems a really good idea to read this book and see if I learn more...well, there are some interesting fact in this book and even though I do suffer from headaches etc i didn't realise there were so many versions of them! This book gives really good descriptions that you could say to your Doctor to help explain the type of pain and where you are feeling it therefore helping your doctor treat you with the right medication. I did know some of what I learnt in the book for example stress + tension headaches are something I suffer from, I also learnt that grinding my teeth could be contributing to my headache problems too. At the end of the book there are sheets you can print off to fill in to keep a diary of your symptoms which is an excellent idea and I would think very helpful to a doctor when diagnosing headache types as well as helping yourself find out what triggers your headaches and migraines. It may be difficult to totally avoid all the triggers but you could certainly cut out trigger foods for example.

I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from headache and migraines, sure some of it should be common sense but even if you are somewhat controlling your headaches this book may have something in it that is a trigger you may not have thought of.


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