Saturday 22 October 2011



Below is what came through my letterbox this week:

Exiled by Rashelle Workman (paperback)
Rashelle Workman kindly sent me and my daughter an ARC copy of her book to read and review.

Broken City by D. D. Chant (e-book)
D. D. Chant kindly sent me and my daughter a copy of her book Broken City to read and review.

Hexult by Perry Aylen (e-book)
I won a copy of Perry Aylen's book Hexult from LibraryThing.

The Colors Of Qua by Elle LaPraim (e-book)
Elle LaPraim kindly sent me and my daughter a copy of her book The Colors Of Qua to read and review, as we enjoyed reading her one of her previous books, The Seamstresses (which I have reviewed here )

Death Is A Relative Thing by Holly Patrone (e-book)
This book was kindly sent to me this to read and review, so my daughter will probably read and review it at some point too!

The Curse Girl by Kate Ellison (e-book)
I won this book on LibraryThing, so no doubt my daughter will also get the chance to read and review it as well!

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