Saturday 8 October 2011


So this weeks Saturday snippets are from the book I am reading at the moment, Tempting the Enemy by Dee Tenorio, and one of the books Rachel is reading at the moment, Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan.

"His hand squeezed, as if he could tell that she'd used more energy than she meant to, then he walked over to the kitchen to find some food for the boy. Giving in to the tiredness, strangely feeling as safe as Rysen promised she'd be with this man who guarded children, she closed her eyes and dozed. She had to rest. Before long, her gifts wouldn't be needed to wake small children from nightmares."

"Waverly narrowed her eyes, tried t make out what this woman was really saying. "They've been through so much. And the rescue mission must have been confusing. They'll trust you to know what's best, won't they?" She leaned away primly and waited for Waverly to say something.
She could wait forever if she wanted to. Waverly was too angry to offer cooperation. She needed to think."

(Hmmm makes me want to read it even more now!)

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