Monday 31 October 2011


Please note; This cover is from a previous addition of the book, there is a new addition due 29/11/11 Blurb is taken from Goodreads and added to from Netgalley Information.

The sinking of the Titanic has long aroused debate, mysticiation and disagreement. This book presents the facts behind the fictions.
Ever since that night, fact has merged with fiction about what really happened. Now, for the first time, Titanic expert and author Tim Maltin gathers together all the key elements surrounding the disaster and presents a fascinating, compulsive and accurate account of what really happened. Taking as his lead one hundred and one oft-quoted theories about the fateful night, Maltin uses eyewitness testimony to rigorously examine each one in chronological order, and in so doing tells the true story of the Titanic and the night she sank with the loss of 1,500 lives.
(At the request of the publishers my review for this book has not be published more than 30 days prior to its publication date of 29/11/11)

I found this book very interesting, I am kind of interested in the Titanic anyway and this was brilliant, first of all it listed 101 facts about the Titanic, then the book went through those facts, told you if they were fact or fiction and then went on to tell you the story behind each fascinating fact.
For anyone who collects Titanic memorabilia or is interested in the story of the Titanic this book is a must. It would also be suitable for people who are interested in ships as there is a lot of information in the book about how the Titanic was built etc.

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