Thursday 20 October 2011


This is book two in the Jake West Series by M J Webb. The first book in the series is Jake West; The Keeper Of The Stones. Its an epic, fantasy adventure about honour, loyalty, friendship and coming of age, described as Harry Potter meets Lord Of The Rings.

Blurb taken from Goodreads

The Heynai bestowed upon the people of Estia one great weapon to fight the forces of evil, a set of five stones which possess unlimited powers. They housed them in a protective box and entrusted it to a Keeper, a guardian chosen from Earth. For centuries, the Stones and the Keepers defended their world against wizards, tyrants and armies. Until the day that two ordinary fifteen year old boys from England broke them.
In ‘Jake West – The Keeper of the Stones’ the boys fought battles, freed an entire army from slavery, and waged war against an evil wizard and his legions of murderous beasts. Now, the beleaguered Rebel Army is marching to the city of Dassilliak, pursued by the tyrant, King Vantrax, his savage beast warlord, Sawdon, and his entire Northern Army. Ahead of them lies a sizeable enemy force which is waiting to spring a deadly trap. They are running out of time and they are in desperate need of a miracle. The only weapon they have lies in ruins. Jake West is the only one who can restore it.
But Jake and the seriously wounded Ben have gone home!

This book is available now for just £2.29 on kindle from &, it is also available in paperback from

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