Saturday 15 October 2011


"Claire is like a Virgo on steroids," I interrupted. This conversation was about as comfortable as poking at a bruise. I wanted it done. "Anal retentive doesn't even come close. One concession I always had to make was to leave a note. She worried if I so much as stepped out of the door and didn't put a Post-it on the fridge saying when I'd be back. There was no way she would have left without some kind of explanation, at least not willingly."

Page 75 Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance Book 1 in the Dorina Basarab Series.

Eventually his eyes adjusted to the darkness and the outlines of the trees became less blurry. He wished he had something to drink; something strong that would burn a hole in his stomach and shut down his brain. Back at the house he knew where his mother kept a bottle of whiskey.

Page 67 Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

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