Wednesday 19 October 2011


We all want to look and feel our best, no matter what our age. But many women believe that once they reach a certain milestone, they should look a certain way or have accomplished certain goals; if they don't or haven't, they feel unfulfilled, discouraged, or even depressed. Shea Vaughn is no stranger to this; she tackled her own challenges and discovered a better way of living.As a mother and grandmother, Shea is a testament to the transformative nature of a mind-body makeover. In this illuminating book, the noted health and wellness expert offers a holistic way to help women achieve their own personal breakthroughs and experience dramatic improvements in their relationships, career, creativity, and fitness levels, and to find fulfillment in their lives.As the founder of SheaNetics®, Shea shares her revolutionary lifestyle, wellness, and exercise practice. With authority and passion, she reveals the heart of SheaNetics®, The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being: Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity, and Love, and shows women how to incorporate the Principles into their daily lives to increase energy, reduce stress, and break down emotional barriers. SheaNetics® takes mind-body transformation to another level with a fresh self-styled approach to exercise that combines yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet, and more, along with the performance-boosting benefits of core power training. By learning how to unify your mind, body, and heart, you will achieve optimal wellness and tap in to your potential to look and feel your best on the inside and out.

I started this book thinking that it was basically going to be an exercise book, but it wasn't , I would describe it as a way of changing your outlook on life and changing your actual life too. Shea talks lots about her life and her Breakthroughs. In parts it seems like a memoir. The approach is holistic and all about taking charge of your own life. It seems to be teaching us to accept the things we cannot change and move on to the things we can change so we can enjoy life to the fullest. I agree with the idea that all changes be them lifestyle, or diet for example all start as Shea says with making the Committment. Then the next thing to follow the inital committment is perseverance to continue and keep up the diet/exercise. Obviously you need the Self control to stick to your goals. i won't say much more as everything is explained well in the book itself. If you want to make a complete lifestyle change then this book is for you! I have to admit I didn't feel I have the time and energy to commit to trying such a large lifestyle change at the moment, but that is due to my own health issues.

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