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Title: Blake 187: A Zombie Revolution
Author: Aiden James & Michelle Wright
Publisher: Curiosity Press
ISBN: 978-1-62007-423-7 (paperback) / 978-1-62007-422-0 (ebook)
Pages:  191
Publication Date: 16th January 2014

BLURB from Goodreads
By the twenty-seventh century, eons of war, disease, and climate change have diminished the earth’s population. Those who remain must struggle to survive.

Towns worldwide have sunk into coastal waters. Deadly viruses kill thousands each day, and a dangerous man with a bad past—Pye Peters—wields an iron grip on the ‘zones’ that have survived nature’s purge. Severance, Peters’ radical new order, likes it simple: Exploit the ‘breathers’, and use advanced medical techniques to revive the newly deceased.

Thousands are brought back from the dead, kept animated and docile by use of medication that prevents the typical rabidness of zombies. To ensure the changes take, these modern versions of the undead are forced into a harsh rehabilitation program. Blake 187 is one such rehabilitee.

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Aiden James

As an author fascinated by Gothic history and the supernatural, I have presently authored twenty-six books with many more to follow, including a brand new witch and warlock series set in the Deep South (coming in 2014). I reside in a small, quaint town in Tennessee with my wife, Fiona. 

Fiona and I have been avid researchers of all things paranormal for nearly twenty years. To that end, we still spend time investigating haunted locales throughout the Deep South.

To learn more about me and my latest books, please visit my website: Or, if you prefer, please follow me on Facebook (Aiden James, Paranormal Author) and Twitter (@AidenJames3).

Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright is A best selling author who's worked with the likes of JR Rain, Scott Nicholson and Aiden James. Born in London's east-end into a family of psychic mediums, her passion for writing started young. By her early teens she had published stories in magazines and wrote scripts for school plays. In later years becoming a psychotherapist and journalist in-between practicing her psychic skills she travelled extensively. Having lived in Spain and the US she now resides in Belgium. 

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