Monday 23 January 2012


BLURB from Goodreads
In the child mines of Hold only the strong and the broken survive. This is the undisputed truth. Buried alive under the earth are hundreds of orphaned children, working as slaves for the betterment of Hold. Death is certain here and none live very long. The children turn to cults and rituals to survive, helplessly mimicking the savagery on the ground above them. In the sun-starved tunnels follow four new characters: Caral, the boy who survived the Glass Rain and has an innate understanding of the world. Roan - alleged to be superhuman, yet beneath his legend is a tortured mind. Baran - an arrogant boy obsessed with blades. Sima - an influential power-broker in the inner workings of the mines and a dangerous beauty.
Orphans weaves the stories of these four as they realise their potential and strive to overcome the fetters they were born into. But in their struggle, is something else, something subtle and resounding created? The epic Drawn Breath continues with this enthralling and heart rending tale of human endeavour: Part III.

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