Thursday 26 January 2012


BLURB from Goodreads
With Pandemic ravaging the globe, Olivya's psychic Sight compels her to see auras riddled with the colors of despair, and now her mother is infected. 

Olivya’s only hope is the mysterious Mikah, a powerful Empath who claims the Pandemic is linked to his clan, the Kindred, and their brooding, monstrous, Immortal Lord. But can she trust this boy who can manipulate her very emotions? 

With Mikah's aid, Olivya races to unearth Kindred secrets, desperate to find a cure, only to discover the Pandemic is far, far more than a mere disease . . 

Where did the idea for this book come from? It really is quite different, the whole Pandemic actually being some sort of'll have to read it to find out! One thing I have to point out which as I always say I am honest is I didn't like the references to Cancer. I would have preferred the illness/pandemic to be un-named as in my mind Cancer is a serious disease not something to be in a sci-fi fantasy book, even if a different name had been thought up for the pandemic had been made up in my mind it would have been better than using Cancer.
I liked the strong character and the beginning of the book seemed very dystopianesque and reminded me a little bit of Delirium, then it went all sci-fi with Holo-Sims and Neo-Twins and so on. I kind of felt a bit lost in the then more complicated explanations in this part of the plot of the book, but persevered and then the book began its climax to the end and the sort of complicated middle part made sense as you needed to know the bits you had thought perhaps pointless to explain the whole ending and out come in the book. 
Could there be a book two, hmm, not sure I mean where do Mikah and Olivya go from here? It would have to be either a new threat, which I suppose that is what Kaiman describes near the end of the book and is setting the scene for.
I am glad I stuck with the book, I couldn't describe it as a "light" read as there's lots of myths and legends to get your head around making it a more involved read.
So would I recommend it? Yes, to the right sort of reader who wouldn't just abandon it when the reading got deeper and more involved.
The cover fits really well with the content of the book, the whole visual expectations of what Aether would look like as it is described so well in the book.
Will I look out for a book 2 ....hmmm.......yes i would definitely take a look at the blurb to see where the story was to go next and then probably want to read it too.

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