Tuesday 3 January 2012


Dystopian or Utopian is in the Eye of the Beholder
Those on the inside don’t know what freedoms they’ve lost, but all their needs are taken care of. Those on the outside are free, but is that enough?
This is classic science fiction about a reluctant hero thrust into a position of making life-changing decisions. Cathedral of Dreams takes the reader on an interesting and exciting ride while the main character, Keith, leaves the stable atmosphere of Newcity to find his way in the outside world. Inside Newcity, residents have been emplanted with emotional control chips. In this scary, yet vividly depicted society, the police show up if a resident’s emotions get even the least bit out of control.
Keith escapes Newcity almost by accident as he follows what he believes to be a strange illusion of a boy with a bullet hole in his forehead. The chip is removed from his arm soon after he leaves the building, and a group of outsiders abscond Keith and take him into the country where they expect to ease him into living in the outside world.
The outsiders appear to be nice at first, but soon after his arrival he’s placed with other escapees and not allowed his freedom. Eventually he finds that the outsiders want to destroy Newcity to stop residents from escaping. With the help of one of the outsiders who has fallen in love with an escapee, plus several of the escapees themselves, Keith becomes the leader of people wishing to save Newcity.
With a number of twists in the plot, Cathedral of Dreams is sure to draw the reader in and hold on until the very end.
About Terry Persun
Terry Persun’s has published 6 novels, 2 poetry collections and a non-fiction book about small presses. His writing has earned honors such as nomination for the Foreword magazine Book of the Year Award, POW! Book of the Year Award, Star of Washington Award, and finalist for USA Book News Best Books list. Terry lives and writes on a small farm in Chimacum, WA.

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