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ISBN: 978-1848451414
Publisher: Mira/Mill & Boon
Pages: 384

BLURB from Goodreads
Set in a dystopian world and featuring zombies, "Aftertime" is the first novel in a new series. Cass Dollar had been taken by zombies and turned into one of them. But she got better somehow. Now all she wants to do is find her daughter.

This is one book that I read and afterward had to admit it wasn't quite what I had expected. I initially thought this book was a YA aimed, but after reading it a while I realised it is a more adult aimed dystopian story. *WARNING* There are a few passages that have sexual terms and descriptions in them, though they are not excessive*
This is book one in a dystopian series. I sort of read this book on and off because I had quite a few timed reviews to do. Normally I would find it hard to then slip back into but with this book I slipped straight back into the action and story straight away. The desolate surrounding and the state of the beaters body and skin are also well described. This novel has sadness, bravery, deception, despair, devastation as well as moments of joy, warmth, friendship and love. Cass is a tough woman she has had to be. Her mother's new partner has been over friendly towards Cass yet denies it and her mother sides with her partner over her own daughter. this sets Cass onto a route to self destruction. she becomes a wild child and grows into a woman who sleeps around and who is also addicted to drink. Her beautiful child is taken away from her, the Cass realises she has to make changes if she want Ruthie her baby back. Then just as Cass gets Ruthie back the great change happens and people have to fight for survival and whole up and hide  in community buildings such as schools, health centres, and libraries. Unfortunately fate has it that Cass is once again separated from Ruthie.......but Cass has the incentive to get well and fight back to get to her daughter. this book is really her story.
I enjoyed the story and following the mostly hazardous journey Cass has to make to try to get back to her daughter  Ruthie. Cass meets many people along the way and gets help from some unexpected sources.Though she also has to interact with some people with beliefs very extreme compared to her own.  I liked the character of Cass, she's brave and willing to risk everything for her daughter as mothers would. One of the other characters in this book is Smoke. You kind of think you know him, then certain things keep happening and other characters talk about him, which makes you think twice about your opinion of him. Cass has no other  option but to put her trust in Smoke as to venture on the journey she has to make alone would be considered suicide with all the beaters around. I think we may learn more of Smoke's past in bk2 and bk3.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes Would I read more by Sophie Littlefield? Yes I already have bk2 Rebirth, and an ecopy of Horizon which is bk3. And finally would I recommend this book? To lovers of dystopian with  zombies thrown into the mix.

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  1. Hey Jeanz!

    I absolutely LOVE Aftertime. I think the reason why many people first think Aftertime is a YA novel is because Sophie Littlefield is known for writing YA literature. But Aftertime is definitely an adult book. It's one of the more original post-apocalyptic/zombie books out there.

    Feel free to check out my review for Aftertime here: AFTERTIME REVIEW.

    Best Wishes,
    Mia at The Muses Circle