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ISBN: 9780312624699
Publication: St Martins Press
Pages: 380

BLURB taken from St Martin's Press letter that came with the book!
In Taken At Dusk after getting settled in at shadow Falls, Kylie Galen believes that if she can just uncover
what she is, all the other uncertainties in her life will suddenly make sense. Things really need to make sense right now. For starters, her heart is still torn between Lucas and Derek - or it was. Now, she's beginning to wonder if she was wrong about both boys.

But it's not just romance that's leaving Kylie conflicted. She's also being haunted by an amnesia-stricken ghost who can't remember who she is. Complicating matters even more is the message the spirit brings from the world beyond: Death is imminent for someone at shadow Falls Camp - and this time, there's nothing Kylie can do to stop it.

Wow! I loved this book, in fact, I love this series and Whisper's At Moonrise is on my wishlist now! Thankyou to Loren Jagger's who sent my daughter this book and of course a giant thank you to C.C. Hunter for writing such a great series.
So first let me start with the cover, I have loved all the covers of the Shadow Falls Series, they are so colourful and pull you into the book so well.
Now the book, wow where do I start.....I'll slow down because I don't want to give away any spoilers!
The one desperate question I kept asking my daughter when reading this series was does she find out what she is? Well I am sorry because I know how it felt when my daughter said it to me but in my daughters words "You will have to read the book yourself and find out, don't be so impatient, enjoy the journey of the book" and she was so right in what she said C.C. Hunter does take you along on Kylie's journey of discovery, you feel the angst she has at not knowing what she is. You also go through all Kylie's coming of age and romantic drama's too. You will have to think for yourselves who you would really like her to end up being with. Myself and my daughter have totally different opinions on this. 
The descriptions of the people and places are still really good, and you can still picture the scene really well. I would definitely watch the shadow Falls Series if it was made in to a Movie or TV show BUT I would desperately want the movie/tv show to stay true to the books.
I love the relationships and friendship between the characters at Shadow Falls, as a reader you end up feeling part of their gang which is all down to how C.C. Hunter has brilliantly written this book!
There's lots of emotions floating around in this book, there's anger, jealousy, love and loyalty. There are love triangles too with Kylie, Lucas and Derek and Miranda, Todd and Perry, who will end up with who? There's also the chemistry between Holiday and Burnett too. 
I think Kylie's "gift" of being able to speak to the dead/ghosts is a really fascinating "gift" even though its also an intrusive and scary one most of the time.
So before I go too far and reveal spoilers I think I should sum things up!
Did I enjoy the book? Loved it! Would I read more by C.C .Hunter/ Shadow Falls Series? Yes already firmly on my wishlist! Finally would I recommend? Oh, yes, in this books series, each book was even better than the previous one.

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