Saturday 19 May 2012


BLURB from Goodreads

Amira, a young, self-centered, and lonely immortal from the mythical island of Penglai, rescues a handsome mortal, Raiden, from angry sea spirits and returns with him to Dragon Hollow in the mortal lands. There she learns the hardships and dangers mortals face as warlords and bandits battle in unending warfare. Powerful dragons have protected Dragon Hollow for millennia, making it the only safe haven in the land, but Amira's arrival upsets that balance as she slowly learns the dragons' secrets.

Confronted with perilous choices, she struggles to understand what it means to live with and trust other people. Are others befriending her only because they need her help, or because they find her beauty alluring, or is it because they truly care for her? Can she trust and even love Raiden, or is he deceiving her to achieve his selfish dreams? In the end, she must decide whether or not to risk her own destruction to save her friends in Dragon Hollow, and she ultimately discovers hidden powers and passions, long dormant within her.

BLURB from Goodreads

After a short and problem-plagued career in environmental activism, Logan Pierce trades meaningful responsibility for self-imposed exile in the trackless rainforest jungles of Borneo. While enjoying a leisurely and indolent lifestyle, he is confronted with a deadly disease ravaging the isolated mountain villages. Forced into a new and unwanted role as leader of a desperate group of villagers and researchers, he's faced with life-threatening dangers, betrayal by close friends, a budding romantic relationship and a fierce battle against a well-armed band of religious extremists. As he's led through a harrowing series of adventures, Logan discovers an ambition he's long been lacking, and a final willingness to take a stand for the people he cares for.

BLURB from Goodreads

Sibling teenagers Monkey and Orchid Huang couldn't be more different. Studious, ambitious and multilingual, Orchid dreams of making great discoveries while traveling with their archeologist father. Her older brother Monkey prefers relaxing to pop music and only hopes to discover ways to avoid hard work. On a trip to the Dunhuang caves near the ancient silk route in northwestern China, they meet the eccentric hermit Master Mu and discover a powerful magical stone. A mystic force whisks the trio three thousand years back to ancient China, arriving as the powerful Zhou armies are amassing troops to battle the Yin Dynasty forces.

In the land of Yin, they meet a unique young girl, Sparrow, who has the ability to communicate with the mythical Gods of Taishan. Speaking through Sparrow, the gods charge the children and Master Mu to harness the power of the ancient stone to prevent the looming war and usher in a new dynasty and era of peace. Can they stop the war before a vengeful sorcerer or the pernicious Great Powers stop them?

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