Friday 11 May 2012


Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing
Pages: 14

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The Freeze of 2060

If we had the chance to do things again differently, would we?

Hard to say when the snow began falling. In the 2020s, there were rumors of global warming, of severe weather changes and it was not all rumor. Many of us could feel the changes. Warm and then cold. Rain and then the sunniest of days. Then all went bad, warmer and warmer each day. 

We thought the earth would continue warming. Those were the predictions anyway. This is what we were all preparing for in those days. Shorts, sun tan lotions, water, staying indoors in the mornings and going out in the nights. Businesses catered to this new world. The world was a night economy. A night society. 

I was born into that night world in a hospital somewhere in Oklahoma City in 2030. As a girl, I knew what the warm weather would bring: heat strokes, sweats, sun burnt bodies so badly that some looked like burn victims. But it was a different kind of world then. I knew only the heat. We were all surprised at what would come later. From 2020-2040, life was geared toward global warming. The mornings were too hot and the sun too intense to walk under without the cooling of night. 
But we never could have predicted the unpredictability of Mother Nature. 

Everything changed overnight. Sometime in the 40s, the weather let us know how much damage we had really done. How angry she really was. We woke up one morning to snow falling from the sky, something the human race had not seen for twenty years. 

We saw frost on our lawns, on our cars, for many of us in our twenties for the first time. We were amazed and in awe. We thought perhaps the worst was finally over. We were so wrong. We were able to adapt to the heat of the mornings by going out at night. But the snow, ice, and freeze didn’t allow life to be breathe. The snow fell at all times, and no time was safe from it. It came like a nightmare and we have been struggling to survive it ever since. 

This was a short, read in one sitting dystopian tale. It was kind of like a diary entry type of tale. I t was done from the point of view of the main character. Its kind of a cautionary tale in that global warming is something that is happening to the world around us now.
I did enjoy the short story and could imagine it being part of a series of books.
There's not much else I can say about this, without totally telling you the novella.
So did I like it Yes, Would I recommend it? As a cup of tea read, yes. Would I read more by this author? Already have!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this short story. THE FREEZE of 2060 and SOUL SEER are two of my personal favorites of mine of my short stories. So glad you enjoyed it! I hope you like my other work as well.
    I have many novels and 1 novella and am releasing a couple more novellas as well. All my novellas I hope to use graphic art with as well for a more interesting read:)- The new release next month will be 2120 and has graphic art:)-