Wednesday 23 May 2012


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Now that the world has ended and men have made themselves gods, a madman stands as the only source of redemption for the mistakes of mankind.

This once was a world of countless wonders, a place where natures beauty was protected, loved and enjoyed. Magic extended life and brought an end to sickness. Poverty was all but gone. But that was before the Devastation.

Now there is nothing but sand and dust. The entire populace, over 600 million people, consumed by fear and hate, committed the unthinkable: mass suicide. On the tragic day of the Devastation, as they died, the people of each region bound their souls to a chosen Magician, a champion; with that power, the Magicians were to defend the cause of their people. But, within days, the nearly limitless power of the embattled Magicians had unmade their world.
Haden, one of the surviving champions, has withstood the ongoing war for nearly half a century. Through the decades, the tremendous power at his command has loosened his grip on reality. Now, his enemies have begun to stir once more; the lull in the war is at an end.

A character driven tale set in a realm of high fantasy, Murder of Souls takes you on an unforgettable journey. Readers find themselves immersed in a wasteland where powerful forces of magic will determine the future. The eternal destinies of millions of souls hang in the balance. Will all they once stood for live on, or will mankind fade into oblivion? Is there any hope after such Devastation?

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