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ISBN/ASIN: 978-1405263979
Publisher: Electric Monkey
Pages: 352
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads
Maddy Swift is just an ordinary girl, until the fateful night when she is struck by lightning and wakes up face down in a puddle. Then it's goodbye to all things Normal – such as breathing and having a heartbeat – and hello to yellow vision and a whole new Afterlife.

Turns out there’s a lot more to being a zombie than shuffling and groaning, but surviving school as one of the living dead requires a totally different set of skills. And things don’t get any easier when Maddy realises that she’s not the reanimated student at Barracuda Bay High . . 

I was generously gifted this book by the author Rusty Fischer,(in exchange for my review) so Thank you Rusty!
I much prefer this cover (pictured above) the Goth Girl on the front cover is really relevant and I would say if it isn't a representation of the main character Maddy then it has to be Chloe.
The book tells the story of Madison Emily Swift (Maddy) a normal schoolgirl, with the normal teenage angst and worries. Madison is wondering who she could go to the Fall Formal with and literally bumps into a "fit" guy who flirts with her. Something that doesn't happen every day to Maddy so when he invites her to a party, of course she says Yes. Then later she has to work out how she can get to the party. Maddy's father is a coroner who works odd and erratically different work hours, so she hopes he will be at work to enable her to sneak out to the party. When she gets home, huh, her father is home so she really does have to sneak out. Her father only has 3 rules for her, and that night she sneaks out to the party she manages to break two of them almost the instant she sneaks out of the house. On the way to the party a storm begins, then the next minute Maddy finds her self "waking up in a puddle". So how did she get there and what on earth is the mark on her head? It turns out Maddy has been struck by lightening turned into a zombie!
The book then tells how Maddy has to visit the Zombie council, learn the zombie rules, read the zombie handbook and most importantly learn to fit in with the "normals".
This book is really well written, from the moment Maddy is re-animated you are hooked, into finding out how she will cope with becoming a zombie. The book is funny. at times laugh out loud funny, in places it also has irony with the odd sarcastic comment or two from the characters. I really like the characters of Dane and Chloe, the ones that take Maddy the fledgling zombie under their care. I love the scenes in the book where Chloe gives Maddy a make-over in order for her to "fit in" more. There are lots of relationships in this book, the friendship between Hazel and Maddy, though I don't think that's a very healthy one as Hazel seems really domineering towards Maddy all the time. Maddy's relationship with her father is a really loving one, the way he simply accepts her appearance changes is so understanding of him and shows their great love for each other. I won't go on about the book any more as I really think you should read it for yourselves.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, it was a total change of reading pace for me, its a light amusing read and I loved it. Would I recommend it? Yes you do not have to be a hard core zombie book fan to enjoy this one. Would I read more by Rusty Fischer? Oh, Yes! Would I read a Bk#2? Definitely, I hope to read more in this series, I want to learn what else happens to Maddy!
(And just a little note for Rusty Fischer, It was well worth waiting for!)

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