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What happens when a fairy dressed as a witch wants a vampire for Christmas? Only time will tell, hopefully before either of them end up dead!
Enjoy a fun-filled Christmas short story (13,000 words)
For all the Sídhí series fans: Christmas in Vampire Valley features another of the Andrews cousins! 


An explosion shook the walls of the auditorium, an area filled to the brim with vampires. Squares of foam and glass rained down on the teens.
Terrified screams erupted around me, creating mass confusion. The smell of blood perfumed the air. With the smell of blood, growls of hunger emerged, intensifying the chaos.
Black smoke billowed across the stage area.
I scrambled onto the back of my chair as a stampede of terrified vampires rushed toward the exit. Sitting between fang-faced teens and the large back door was not a very good place for a delicately built girl to be.
There was no way I could go head-to-head with a bunch of out-of-control vampires.
Narlene intentionally slammed into me, shoving me off my precarious perch. Falling backward, I cried out. My heart constricted; fear splintered through me like a piece of shattered china. I knew if I hit the floor, I might never get up, not with the number of teens running past me.
I flung my arms outward, bracing for a fall.
I never hit the floor.
Strong arms caught me, pulling me into a tight embrace. From the muscled chest, and strong arms wrapped around me, I knew it had to be a guy. I inhaled a warm spicy scent that sent a deep yearning through my chest. I looked up and froze.
Brandon towered over me. Top of his class academically and star quarterback for the football team, he was the most popular vamp in school. His midnight hair and emerald eyes topped the cake with lots of icing, a very yummy looking cake.
He leaned down several inches. His breath tickled my ear as he chuckled, and asked, “Going somewhere?”

I was sent this one by the author in exchange for my honest review. The cover has a really Christmassy feel because of using the colours of Red and Green. The witch on the cover is there to represent the fairy in this story whose boss seems to think it amusing to call her in on her weekend off and make her dress up as a witch to give out candy from the candy store she works at. 
Unfortunately I don't really like the cover, the plot of the book deserves a much better cover. The witch/fairy looks too doll like to me. I would have preferred the existing cover without the witch/fairy. Or perhaps a candy store shop front could have represented the book better.
The story is a great mixture of romance, mystery, a little danger and conspiracy theories. I enjoyed the story a lot, I do really like the way Jodie B Cooper writes and would call my self a "fan". I love the main characters, and I mean who would put a fairy and a vampire together in a "romance". So does the fairy get her vampire in the end? You'll have to read this short novella to find out. It is well worth reading and could be read in a tea break, just to get you into a Christmassy mood maybe.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes Would I recommend? As a short Christmassy read yes. Would I read more by Jodie B Cooper? I intend to!

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