Saturday 15 December 2012


I turned my head toward what everyone was staring open mouthed at and my heart plummeted to my toes.
A bright, yellow sports car, I knew all too well, had pulled into the teachers’ parking lot. Ryland leapt out of the car, his dark, curly hair bouncing. He pulled off his Whittier Academy blazer and draped it over one shoulder, revealing a tight-fitting, white V-neck T-shirt. He looked like an ad for cologne or men’s underwear. My heart kicked into overdrive; I couldn’t move.
“Oh no, oh no no no,” I groaned, causing Wyn’s head to whip in my direction. “He promised he wouldn’t…”
“Do you know him?” she asked, her voice laced with a combination of entertainment and worry.
I couldn’t bring myself to answer her, only nod numbly as Ryland scanned the crowd for me.
“Well, I will leave you to it then,” she said. “See you tomorrow, Joclyn.”
I didn’t even register Wyn’s departure; I was still staring at him as he searched for me. He glossed over most of the student body, giving them all a chance to notice him and his expensive car. Finally, he found me and began moving in my direction. The second his eyes met mine, my shock melted away, leaving me feeling blissfully numb, my heart calling out in sheer joy to see him. It took a moment, but even that melted away as I registered everyone looking between us, and my joy deteriorated into a half-hearted anger. He rushed to me then, sweeping me up in his arms and spinning me around as if this was some strange scene from a chick flick.
He pressed his cheek against mine as we spun, his deep chuckle echoing in my ear.
“I’m in so much trouble, aren’t I?” his warm breath tickled my ear as he whispered to me.
My heart sputtered. “You have no idea.”
“Then, I might as well do the thing thoroughly.” He set me down again and kissed my jaw line. His lips lingered for a second longer then they should have, freezing me into place. I just hope I didn’t look too much like a deer stuck in the headlights.

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