Tuesday 18 December 2012


Rhiannon shares with us 
5 easy Steps for 
making your own book trailers!

5 easy steps for making book trailers

1. You need art or photos, preferably something that isn't copyright. This is probably the hardest part because it requires a lot of searching, but it's so worth it in the end. 

2. You need windows movie maker. It allows you to put together photos, captions, animations, and music to make your book trailer pop. 

3. You need music, preferably stock music, if you use something copyright, Youtube will remove the video forever. 

4. Write the book trailer, think about how you want to show off the book in under 2 minutes. 

5. Put everything together and voila, you've got a book trailer! 

Granted, the pictures and music part is the hardest part, the actual putting it together is rather easy. Have fun experimenting!


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