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Publisher: Self
Pages: 69
Formats Available: E-book

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Ivy Stratton has Big Plans: Plans to host an unforgettable Christmas dinner party.
She's compiled a gourmet menu, festive decor, and the perfect guest list, all in hopes of winning the heart of the man of her dreams.
But when her Big Plans fall apart, Ivy must scramble to make the most of the situation and keep her composure as the ideal holiday host.

This holiday novella is the prequel to the Ivy Stratton & the Time Machine series.

I was gifted this novella prequel from the author. As I was wanting to read and review some Christmassy tales for my blog, a novella seemed ideal as its quite sure which enables me to read more tales.
The main character is Ivy Stratton, who is alone in life in that as she was adopted and her mother has recently died, so would be home all alone for Christmas. Ivy plans her own Christmas Party and invites, the young couple from downstairs with their twins, though the twins are babies so will probably sleep through most of the event. Sy, is Ivy's boss and alone in the world too so he is invited along and brings an eligible batchelor he is trying to matchmake Ivy with. Then theirs Ivy's friend who invites her own new boyfriend along. Finally there is Ivy's on-off-on ex boyfiend and someone he brings along without asking. So Ivy is kind of planning a little flirting with her ex, which is fine until Sy invites his business collegue over too. Ivy isn't stupid, she is fully aware of Sy and his match making. Ivy decides she may flirt a little with Sy's guest to perhaps make her ex jealous...but then he turns up with another "guest" in tow. Ivy has to just grit her teeth and get on with it. I mean nothing else could go wrong could it? .... well how about a snow storm that takes out the electric..and leaves everyone stranded at Ivy's appartment? Yes every woman's nightmare, the guests all around the table and no turkey cooked for the dinner!
This short tale is about how the group of friends cope with the situation together. How they put petty squabbles aside, and pull together to rescue Christmas. Skills such as cooking over a bare wood fire come in useful, from Sy's business colleague.
So did I enjoy the book? Yes, short tale with great characters and lots more room for development too. Would I read the series this short tale is part of? Yes I would like to read more about these characters we have been introduced to in the novella. Would I read more by Kathleen Kitson? Yes I would. Would I recommend the novella?Yes I would.

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