Tuesday 25 December 2012


Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages: 16
Formats Available: E-book

BLURB from Goodreads
Short inspirational story about a single mother and one very special Christmas.

I can't remember if I downloaded this when I was free or if it was 77p....Any way here is my honest review and opinion.
The cover is okay, but being totally honest wouldn't make me want to pick it up from a shelf for example. After reading the book/novella, the cover could be so much better, and compliment and market the book more than it does at the moment.
I think a representation of the house with the trees etc around it would have been better. As the book has a Christmassy theme, it could have been a mantlepiece with empty stocking hung up on it.
The actual plot is really really good. One that I am sure people are going through today. As a single mum myself I understand how every penny is accounted for. I also am well aware of the fact you certainly cannot rely on the ex to pay anything at all let alone a pre-agreed amount on a regular basis. So yes the plot is really relevant in this day and age. You feel really sorry for the single mum in this story, she is trying her hardest to make the money stretch, and Christmas puts on even more pressure on the money situation. Like every mum you feel the pressure even more at Christmas to provide gifts. I also totally understand the way this poor mum goes to try and claim benefits. I totally knew how she sat there feeling embarrassed and as if she is asking for something she isn't entitled to, as if she's being greedy and as if she doesn't need the extra help.
I do love the ending, I have to admit to teary eyes and a sniffle or two at the ending. The ending gives "hope". Hope for better things and better times. So though you feel sad for and with the single mum, the ending is somewhat up lifting.
So did I enjoy the novella? Yes, Would I recommend reading this novella? Yes it will give different feeling to different people? It could make you feel humbled, grateful for what you do have, make you feel a kinship with the single mom in the novella. And best of all make you feel hope, love and the magic of Christmas. Would I read more by Willow Cross? Yes I have read much by this author and am a definite fan and am looking forward to reading much more by Willow Cross in the future.

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  1. I have to agree with you on the cover, it wouldn't have drawn me in at all. I'm glad I read your review though because it sounds like I need to give this one a shot!