Thursday 13 December 2012



Gabriella opened her eyes and turned to admire her ring. The sapphire shone through the intricate casing protecting the stone, making the blue light dance on the wall in front of her. She laid mesmerised and smiled to herself, thinking back to the events of last night.
The unexpected but very welcome visit from Rowellyn had altered her whole existence. She couldn’t remember waking and feeling this good. Her body buzzed with excitement.
The door opened and Gabriella rolled over to see her sister standing in the doorway.
“Ella, she’s gone,” Jo said with a grimace.
“Has she?” Gabriella shrugged.
“No note, no phone number or address. She didn’t leave anything. Just vanished.”
“She probably had somewhere to be.”
“Don’t you care? She was the only connection to our father. I know she’s only his second cousin but now we don’t know where to find her.”
Gabriella sighed, exasperated by her sister’s obsession with their father. “I don’t care about him. I’m sure if Rowellyn wants to visit again, she will. She knows where we are.”
Josephine raised her eyes but didn’t argue further. She went back to her bed, reached for a book, curled up and started reading. Gabriella continued to admire her ring. After what she heard Rowellyn do and say last night, she wasn’t surprised she’d left. But she wasn’t about to share that information with Jo. She wasn’t about to share that information with anyone.
The magic was a gift and she was grateful to Rowellyn for performing it. She gave no thought to Jo and what the previous night’s events might mean for her. From this day forth she had every intention of using her new powers. She didn’t care what the consequences might be. In fact, she didn’t intend to concern herself until the day Rowellyn contacted her.
A day she didn’t expect to see for the next seven years.

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