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ISBN/ASIN: 1468065866 / B006K7Y1H0
Publisher: Self/Indie
Pages: 69
Formats Available: E-book, Paperback

BLURB from Goodreads
Do you find a lot of people annoying? Do you wish you could just tell someone off and get it off your chest? Well, I do, and I do.

Join me as I unload some of life’s frustrations and annoyances in a light-hearted trip down bitch lane.

I’ve assembled some of my favorite irritations into this personal collection ranging from the invisible help sign over my head, to mispronunciations, to consumer deception. If the same things bother you, you’ll take heart that you’re not alone. And if they don’t bother you, well, you’re a much better person than me and we’ll probably never be friends.

The cover of the book is quite funny, in that it represents not liking/bitching about screaming babies etc. I like it but think it could have been even better if another "bitch" setting had been used.
The book is basically like a diary of Blanche's everyday bitches as she comes across them in her daily life. Such as when you are in the supermarket, doing your own shopping and a totally random bloke will come up to you and ask where the sugar is. I have to say I totally get this one when I used to nip into the supermarket after work with my uniform on and I presumed that was why people seemed to think I worked at the supermarket. I have ditched the after work shop now and like Blanche still get asked where things are in the supermarket..... do we look extra helpful? we look like we spend all day wandering around the supermarket? I look like a supermarket expert?
This book is full of laugh out loud, hilarious, everyday situations and why they drive Blanche crazy.
I have to admit to finding many of them funny and equally as irritating as Blanche does!
This is a really light fun read. You could take it around in your bag, read it on your work break, read it with a cuppa or as a light read before going to bed, as it will certainly  relax you and relieve tension.
I have to share with you one of my old "bitches", which made me totally empathize with Blanche and the whole spelling of her name. Well, when I was married (thankfully now divorced and "stupid name free once again" my surname was Keys....right you are saying so what? Well why the heck would you ask how to spell my surname, even after I have joked and repeated three times saying "keys as in door keys" Luckily after waiting until my daughter was old enough to change her name, I have changed my name back to my maiden name of Richardson, now the only problem I have is fitting my surname into the small space or boxes given on all forms that need filling in! Another pet name bitch was when I was pregnant and everyone just had 
So did I enjoy this book? Yes it is so funny! Would I read a Bk#2? Yes there's plenty of "bitch" situations out there to discuss. Would I read more by Blance Marriott? Yes I plan too! Would I recommend? Yes especially if you are in desperate need of some light relief! then this book is perfect!

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