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For many it just wouldn't be Christmas without a decorated tree and the presents underneath it. But. . . where did that tradition come from and why do we do that?

Shopping during the holidays can make a joyful angel out of some people, while others may turn into a sour scrooge by the time they are done with their shopping. But. . . why do we give all these gifts anyway? What started this whole thing of gift-giving? Some say it began with the three wise men giving gifts to the baby Jesus. But did you realize that there were more than just the three kings and the gifts were likely much more than little containers of gold, frankincense and myrrh?

Speaking of the birth of Jesus, what about that moving Star of Bethlehem!? How could a Star move to a place directly over a little town? A star as we know it could not do that! Remember that a star is basically a gigantic ball of burning gas like our own sun. It could not move that close to our planet without burning it up! The surprising answer will seem so obvious as you read about it in "The Secrets Behind Our Christmas Traditions Revealed".

Christmas carols are a welcome tradition for millions of people. However, they didn't become a true part of our modern holiday until the early part of the nineteenth century when it began with one significant event you'll learn about within the pages of this wonderfully written book.

There is a reason behind every American Christmas tradition we practice today and some of them may not be why you think! Throughout these pages, you will discover why certain Christmas traditions are performed every year and which part of the world they came from.


I downloaded this one FREE on The book is more American aimed really but was still fun to read about the origin of the traditions we keep. So what do I think to the cover? Hmm it's okay,it gives you the title of the book. I think it could be a whole lot better and more attractive with a simple but prettily decorated tree on the front or perhaps a manger scene.
 Though I say this book is American aimed of course there are some traditions that are the same or similar all around the world.
I know that Christmas is based on the day Jesus was born etc and that is also covered in the book quite well with certain things that had perhaps been embellished slimmed back down to the likely reality. The book also tells us how "Christmas" or rather that time of year was celebrated in other religions and non religious races. There's not really much more I am able to say, the book is a quirky kind of Christmas related gift book.

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