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ISBN: 9781462111428
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Sweetwater
Pages: 192
Format Available: Kindle, Paperback
Release Date: 9th October 2012

BLURB from Goodreads
Sixteen-year-old Jacob has always been able to charm his way out of trouble with the law. But when he’s sentenced to work at a family Christmas tree farm in place of Cody Matthews—a boy killed in Jacob’s last DUI—Jacob is in for a harsh reality check. This emotional story of loss, love, and redemption is impossible to put down.

Ena's Review
"Jeanz" downloaded this one from Netgalley! (Yes I have my own NetGalley Account now and my treasured kindle to read them on!)
The cover of this book made me think of Christmas with the icy snowy back ground and the festive red bow.(Yeah I know and the Christmas Trees was a big clue too) The emotion of the book is hinted at in the title with "The Lost Son" so I was expecting I may need the tissues to read this one. It did not disappoint! Then also on the cover there's the lone figure in the distance, which makes you wonder who it is and where they are going etc.

I really enjoyed this book even though at first I thought that perhaps it probably aimed at younger folk.

Jacob is the "typical bad boy teen" though he can usually talk his way out of anything. There's an accident when Jacob is driving whilst under the influence of drink. The horrific thing is that Jacobs recklessness costs another young teen their life. The other teen is called Cody Matthews, a totally different boy to Jacob. Jacob's job was working at a Christmas Tree Farm. So in a way it's quite a lenient sentence when Jacob is told he must serve his "sentence" by working at the Christmas Tree Farm that Cody would have been working at.

This book is an emotional tale, and I found I read it quite quickly, I was so hooked and involved with the plot of the book, I seriously hated to put it down. Will Jacob earn his redemption and change his ways now? Read the book to find out!

In my opinion a great read for all ages!

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