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ISBN: 978-0984725403
Publisher: StoryTeller Publishing
Pages: 370
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

BLURB from Goodreads

A ghostly tale that blends the past with the present and the living with the dead.

Zan and Emma’s romantic weekend at a haunted hotel goes horribly wrong when a bizarre accident leaves Emma in a coma. Her soul is catapulted backward in time to 1938, where she meets Ivy and Harry—a Depression Era Romeo and Juliet—who will someday become Zan’s grandparents. Night Journey is an eerie tale of ghosts who weave in and out of life, past and present, from fact to fiction.


I was given this book by my daughter from the box of books sent to her by Goldie Browning and StoryTeller Publising. This cover really suits the story, the words that immediately came to my mind were dark, sinister, eerie and , ghostly, scary.... The building itself is to represent the haunted hotel. 
We arrive at the haunted hotel in the present day with Zan and Emma. Zan and Emma set off for a planned romantic weekend at the haunted hotel. Everything seems to be okay until a rather strange accident see's poor Emma ending up in a coma. As Emma is in a coma, she travels back in time, all the way back to 1938, where she meets Ivy and Harry who are sweethearts. Ivy and Harry are actually connected to Zan, in that someday they end up being Grandparents of Zan.
My initial reaction from the cover was spot on, eerie and ghostly! Though paranormal is not my usual genre and is more my daughter's and grand-daughter's thing, I really did enjoy this book. When i first realised it was a ghostly tale, i admit I thought "oh I won't like this one" but once I started reading I had to continue to find out what happened next and at the end.
So did I enjoy this book? Yes, even though it's not my "normal" type of book to read. would I recommend? I already have to my daughter and grand-daughter so far. Would I read more by Goldie Browning? Yes I think I would give other books by her a try now. 

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