Friday 13 April 2012


By Kenya Wright
Imagine a world where you walk outside, look up into the sky, and see the sun's rays peek through a barred ceiling. That's Lanore’s and every other supernaturals' existence. 


Pre-Habitat Years
Back in the 1970s, supernaturals secretly lived among humans. It was a time of social unrest. Women sought to redefine their societal roles. Students held anti-war demonstrations. Homosexuals contested discriminating law. Supernaturals existed within all those groups. They marched, protested, and rioted while keeping their species identity a secret.

This all changed when the Black Panther Party was created. The revolutionary organization consisted of black fur-coated Were-leopards and Were-jaguars. They were so controversial that the FBI labeled them terrorists and began surveillance operations on them. One night after a meeting, the members went to the woods and shifted. To say the FBI was shocked is an understatement.

The Probe Period:
The FBI shot or trapped the party members. The imprisoned were tortured and questioned about other supernaturals’ existence. Magical species were revealed. The government conducted probes in schools, hospitals, and prisons. Supernaturals fled to refugee camps in third world countries, but their safety was short lived. The United Nations coordinated a world probe. Any discovered supernaturals were delivered to laboratories or concentration camps.

The Supe-Human Wars:
Supernaturals began to fight back. Shapeshifters, Vampires, and Trolls fought together side by side. Fire Witches summoned Demons to help in the battle. Fairies cloaked headquarters in glamour, hiding them from Human eyes. Sirens produced songs to gain Human support.

In the end, the Human’s machinery won. The government had conducted extensive testing on imprisoned supernaturals. Each species’ weakness was exposed. Weapons were invented. The supernaturals, that weren’t killed, surrendered.

The Habitat Years:
The Sirens’ songs gained PETA’s support. The group protested the inhumane treatment against magical species and forced countries to seek alternative methods in dealing with supernaturals.

Later, caged supernatural cities were established and called Habitats. Governments built walls around poverty stricken areas and attached bars to the walls that extended thousands of feet into the air and covered the area like a ceiling. Each habitat was categorized by religion. Supernaturals were allowed to choose the habitat they wanted to live in.

My story Fire Baptized is set in the Santeria habitat outside the city of Miami. Here’s an excerpt displaying Santeria’s setting. FYI, Lanore is on the back of a motorcycle with Zulu riding to his condo.

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