Wednesday 4 April 2012


When I was a child, I was often warned not to daydream. I did it anyway, because playing with imaginary people in my head was a lot more entertaining than anything school had to offer. So it was only fitting that now I spend my days allowing my imagination to run riot, creating characters, settings and stories out of thin air.
The germ of the idea that became the Demon Trappers Series began in October 2008. By the time the fourth and final book (The Demon Trappers: FORETOLD) will be published this autumn, I will have spent four years “living” with my characters.
I know Riley Blackthorne and Denver Beck (and all the others) better than I know many of my own friends and family. I know what they love, what they hate. I am privy to their dreams and desires and impossible hopes. I’ve shared their most intimate moments. We’ve attended funerals together, battled heinous demons and shared a laugh or two. Because of all that, it will be very hard to leave them behind.
I refer to FORETOLD as the “all or nothing” book because that’s exactly what it is. Everything is on the table and the choices Riley and Beck are forced to make are more critical than ever. And, as all my readers have hoped, their relationship heads in a new direction.
But before all that can happen, Beck has to face his past. And what a past it is! When I began the series I figured he’d just been a very rowdy lad, known for his drinking and womanizing. It wasn’t until the third book that I saw exactly what Beck had been hiding all these years, what had driven him to keep Riley at a distance. In FORETOLD, that past is revealed, and it’s a major test for both of them. Their trip to South Georgia to visit Beck’s dying mother sets in motion events that will either kill them or redeem them.
Saying goodbye to these characters will be bittersweet. I’ve loved joining Riley and Beck on their tortuous journey, watching the twists and turns of their complicated relationship.
It’s been my honor to tell their remarkable story and I thank my readers for sharing the experience. It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys.

Thankyou so much Jana for sharing the above guest post for my blog. Giving us a unique insight into your thoughts around The Demon Trappers Series. I will be sorry to see it end myself as I have truly loved all the books in the series that I have read so far.


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  2. Thankyou for the great Guest Post! Am definitely looking forward to Foretold but feeling a little sad that it's the last in the Series I am one Fan that will be sorry to see it end!

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