Tuesday 17 April 2012


This book is a large, illustrated book aimed mainly at children. It is being released to commemorate the tragedy of the Disaster At Sea that was the titanic sinking in April 1912.

I have to say even though this book is most probably aimed at the younger generation, I found it fascinating. The cover is very tactile as it is embossed. It has a dramatic view (from a lifeboat) of the Titanic about to sink in the background. you can see the people looking horrified at the ship, not quite believing that the beautiful ship was sinking.
The book contains a large, exclusive Poster and Fold Out diagram of the ship.The poster is a glossy large image of the ship, with smaller images at the bottom depicting scenes from the Titanic. the smaller pictures range from the Building of the Titanic, leaving the port, through to Among the Boiler, and A Life First Class, to eventually the titanic sinks and also a Finding the Titanic picture.
The fold out diagram of the ship has a cross section of the Titanic featured so that you can actually see the different levels on the ship from the Bilge right up to where the lifeboats were stowed up on deck.This picture alone brings the ship "to life" (if it is not in poor taste to make such a comment). The pictures in this book show you what the Titanic was really like. The beautifully adorned ship, it also goes into the tragedy, the personal tragedy of the people sadly lost at sea, those who didn't make it, whose bodies were never recovered. This is a fantastic factual book that surely cannot fail to impress and engage anyone. This book would be the ideal gift for a Titanic enthusiast, or a child doing a project about the Titanic at school.
So did I enjoy the book? YES Would I recommend the book? YES Will I read more books about the Titanic? Yes, though this is one of my favourites! Would I read more by this author? Yes I am sure he can make most subjects really interesting too!
If you have an interest in Titanic or have children and buy them factual books, then put this book on your to- buy list now!

Available from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk £11.34 (well worth the money!)

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